Welcome To Angel Country

You are listening to "Angels Among Us" by Alabama

In rememberance of all the victims of 9/11/2001
You will never be forgotten.

Angels are so beautiful and oh so very free
The are everywhere watching over you and me
Angels are sent from heaven above
To always guide us with their love.

This website contains information and material on child abuse,
physical, mental and sexual. Please use caution upon entering
this site as it may have a triggering effect on you if you have
been a victim to abuse or close to someone who has been.
Please feel free to bookmark this site to come back at a later
time as for this site is for the healing of victims.. Please be sure
you are safe before your journey.

I am a survivor of childhood physical, emotional and sexual
abuse. Being a survivor is what inspired me to do this website
on child abuse. Throughout this site, you will find information
on child abuse including my story, my poetry, photos of my
family and my foster family and a survivors page.

I am hoping that in doing this site that it will help me with my
healing along with the hopes of reaching others. In doing so, if
it touches the heart and life of one parent or child, then it has
served it's purpose and I have served mine.

Proud to show my support for Fibromalgia sufferers.

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